After fleeing Canada to escape the oppressive authoritarian regime of Prime Minister Mulroney, Aiden moved to Las Vegas where he resisted the urge to develop a destructive teenage gambling addiction and instead started his first small business at 20 years old.

Naturally after starting a couple other small businesses, Aiden decided to sell everything he owned and backpack the world for two years. During his international sabbatical across 34 countries and all the continents, Aiden decided to "go pro" with his know-it-all attitude and enter the world of publishing with his first book, The Secrets of Advertising to Gen Y Consumers (Self Counsel Press).

If you want to learn more about Aiden, send him an email and buy him a coffee, because the only thing
he likes more than coffee is talking about himself.
At last, a marketing book that’s simple, easy to read, and amazingly accurate in its advice.
- Jack Trout
His best book yet!
- Aiden’s overly supportive mother
The definitive guide for reaching and engaging youth demographics
- Globe and Mail